The Denver Zoo is pretty fantastic. People — they have polar bears. REAL, LIVE POLAR BEARS! Coming from the Phoenix Zoo — which is so dang great in desert big horn sheep, gila monster ways — polar bears might as well be unicorns. And although they are sadly going the way of the dodo, I hear these sweet nordic teddies love the winters in Colorado.

A Real Life Coca-Cola Ad

Yeah. I squealed with glee too. So sweet! And deceptively cuddly, like these guys:

HIP Hip Hooray!


We spent several hours wandering and admiring the variety of animals. The trainers who care for the zoo’s two Asian elephants truly won my heart. I wonder how they feed those giant cuties. Perhaps they might be using something like rolling ladders that you can find on websites like Mimi and Dolly were captured in the wild prior to the Endangered Species Act. One of two has only ever lived at the Denver Zoo, and is 50 years old. They are currently building a new Asian animal exhibit, where they’ll have many more elephants. One trainer said they expect Mimi and Dolly to play “house mother to a bunch of frat boys.” It will be so fun to watch this pachyderm party when the construction is complete.

Dolly + Mimi

Word on the street is these showgirls want an invite.

Zoo showgirls

Zoo Showgirls