Last week, I caught a ridiculously early flight to Phoenix, jumped in a rental car the size of a shoe, and was in Tucson by lunch to surprise this lovely lady for her 82nd birthday:


My Grandmother Maxine is one of my favorite people. It was completely, and totally worth the nonsense it took to get to her in time. Plus, I got to see a bunch of my family and catch up with that glaring ball of gas in the sky that made me sweaty for 48 hours straight.

Seriously, Arizona. I do not miss your heat this time of year.



Oh, AND I got to be there the next day to surprise this one for her birthday too:

Min and Jason

Thanks to stealth planning on the part of her husband Jason, we surprised Mini silly.

Bec and Matt

The girls

Might have been one of the best and most memorable weekends ever.