I’ve been spending a fair bit of time lately thinking about Darfur and how I feel hopeless. Rarely do I feel hopeless. I’ve written my congressmen. I’ve talked about this with anyone who will listen and a fair number of kind friends who don’t want to listen. I’ve watched the news reports, I’ve read the books, I’ve sat on my hands and done nothing more than pray for the last three years. Now, there are 2 million people living in refugee camps and the Janjaweed are firing on neutral forces — including the medics. I watched a 60 Minutes special on Darfur yesterday and cried for an hour, shaking in anger. Hitler similarly closed the borders and killed in destructive swaths. Where is the international force when we need it? They need it. Please, may someone hear my little voice and do something about this tragedy. I don’t know what else to do, and yet, I know I cannot live with myself if we don’t work to do something.
Do you have any ideas?