I’ve been sewing up a storm lately. (It seems to be working. We’re in the middle of our monsoon season in Phoenix and the weather is cooling off. Yay! AND!! If you haven’t heard the news, they think they caught the serial shooters this morning. Very good news for Phoenicians.)

Back to the works in progress:


Swing bags, for friends, my staff in Bolivia and maybe even a new fall bag for moi. All minus that giant bow.

WIP, 2

And In Town bags.

I love these Amy Butler patterns. They are actually worth the $12, especially when you make as many of these as I have. I cut out 8 bags yesterday while home babysitting for a friend’s five-year-old. She watched DVDs while I pulled an Edward Scissorhands at the dining room table. We were both perfectly content.

I’m off to Seattle for the weekend to play! Happy Friday to all,