Condo 2014


This little guy right here is not handling the latest move well. He’s neurotic and in need of more exercise than I can provide, which is saying something. I am going to give him a couple weeks to adjust. Don’t we all need some time in a new space? And while I have more than a decade of experience with this home, Nelson has just a few days. Hang in there, buddy.

While I wish I had some marvelous new recipe or knitting pattern to share, instead this is what is on my plate, so to speak:

1. The pit bulls who live next door are peeing on my garden. As such, they have killed four tomato transplants. They seem like sweet dogs, although they would like to make Nelson their lunch. I don’t know what to do to protect the plants that won’t cost a fortune. A large fence won’t work — this is a central area between the two homes. Any thoughts?

1 a. Speaking of animals in the neighborhood, one of my neighbors has chickens, a rooster, goats and sheep. I am going to introduce myself and see if I can’t pitch in on occasion. Or maybe keep a couple chickens at their place for some extra feed. It would bring me so much joy to finally have chickens!

2. I finished the first draft of my second novel, Basket Baby. I am reading it again and taking pages and pages of notes. This is the tricky phase. I can write stories — and often do. But getting them just right for publication is another feat entirely. I have a team of close friends waiting to help me edit. I just need to sit down and put red pen to paper. There is a certain mental hiccup about editing your own “completed” work. Instead of listening to the critic, “Oh, good God. Don’t publish this drivel!,” I need to muster up my courage to hear, “You can do this. It doesn’t suck. You’ve read worse and there is a really good story here.”

Amazing how fragile the ego is.

3. My sewing machine is back from the shop AND we are expecting rain this weekend. Friends, this is the recipe for a weekend inside, in stretchy pants. And frankly, I can’t tell you the last time a weekend didn’t involve packing tape, moving trucks, cardboard boxes, chasing tenants, schmoozing a landlord or organizing items in cupboards.

Me + rainy weather + sewing machine + lengthy list of projects that have stacked up = almost sounds like a vacation. Seriously. Add some champs and Netflix and by golly, we have us a proper weekend to remember.

Condo 2014


The new library in the office. Cute, right? That’s new carpet right there. It is pretty, smells new, and is a daily reminder of why I will never, ever, so help me God, let strangers live in a house I own again. I am simply not cut out to be a landlady.

I’ll have to return my Mrs. Roper gown. 

4. I’ve been working on a project that made a leap forward this week. It involved meeting the governor, and having say while shaking my sweaty hand, “I’m watching you.” It was an uncanny. I am so in love with what I do, and it is so frustrating to not be able to talk more about it. If I ever really dive into political life, I may have to get my jaw wired shut. And my typing fingers cut off.

Or maybe I should just stick to public health.

5. Lent starts next week already. Who is ready for Calculated Acts of Kindness 2014?


* Fo’ drizzle. (My new favorite joke. You’re welcome.)