make limoncello.

Limoncello party

My friends Juliann and Jennie are super smart librarians who can drink me under the table. Our outings regularly involve new restaurants and swapped recipes, books that are secret gems of the library, Meatloaf lyrics, and wine. Red wine, to be precise.

They recently decided to make limoncello with the current bounty of Arizona citrus. They threw a limoncello party this weekend and it was, as described above, more fun than you can imagine. We sat outside by a great fire while the men smoked cigars as we sipped our limoncello, enjoyed countless rounds of bruschetta and homemade biscotti (these foodies know no limits) and laughed until my cheeks hurt.  This is a new group of friends for me — but one where I’ve quickly found a comfortable place. And they seem rather comfortable with me too — calling me on my BS and deliberately not laughing at my jokes when they could have been told better.  Juliann and her hubby are two of the most generous hosts I’ve ever encountered. They’ve had me over countless times in the last year and each time I’m surprised by the caliber of their welcoming friends into their home.

Limoncello party

It also helps the Js are as sarcastic and cynical as I am about many topics. Much like their limoncello, they are tart and strong. We three are the sole members of the “Anti Vampire Book Club,” where the only rules are: no poetry (not my rule) and most certainly no vampires. If you knew them, even if you are a Twilight fanatic, you’d understand. And you’d be laughing.