flags flapping in the wind, algiers

How do we thank the Bergdahl family accordingly? How do you defend the saving of one man for the trade of 5 others?

Something to consider: the joy we are feeling nationally for the return of Bowe Bergdahl? It’s being felt five times over in other countries as those men also return to their families.

My pro-peace, anti-war policy stands firm. Sure, it’s wavered in moments of blind patriotism and fear. Yet today,  this is what my heart knows for truth: Bowe will come home to Idaho and we should rejoice. The five men being held at Guantanamo — label them terrorists, Islamists, or also prisoners of war — also will be welcomed home to their loved ones with banners and cake and plenty of tears.

Today is a good day. Welcome home, Bowe. I’ve thought of you often and am so very happy.



P.S. Sorry it took five years.