I’ve haven’t been shopping for art supplies in weeks. GAH! I’m participating in that “Use what you have” thing and it is driving me positively frugal. I finished up this scrap bag and felted it. It is still huge. Thankfully, it gives me plenty of room to fill it with clothing and toys for some friends. It is going to be a gift I’m hauling to Nicaragua mid-summer when visiting for work.

scrap bag, done

Don’t you love that handle and button hole? My ever so wonderful Mami finished this baby for me this weekend. In turn, I used my limited computer knowledge to reorganize her digital photo albums and mp3 files. We were both content with each other’s skills.

button hole scrap bag

Considering the handle fabric and button were hers, this project was 100% use what you/your mom has. Yippee!

Want to see what was on her sewing room floor when she was working on my bag? The Quilter Extraodinaire is at it again:

Painting with fabric

This is a new technique from a class she’s recently taken. It is called “painting with fabric,” or something like that. You can’t tell from my photos, but their is toile sewn over many of these fabrics, so the texture up close is incredible. My favorite is the sky:

My mom's latest quilt

I wish sewing skills were genetic. I’d be in the money.


p.s. Did you get your BackTack III partner today? I can’t wait!!