I’m spending a few days with friends in southern California. You may remember my buddy Roscoe. His life has been well blogged.


Hi blog readers!



This weekend, his mom and I took him to a nearby farm to run around, see some animals and pick strawberries. After picking bushels of warm strawberries and  a gorgeous head of butter lettuce from the field, we rejoiced at the other offerings at their produce stand. I’m making a stirfry dinner this evening, incorporating many of these gorgeous gems. (As a gardener and a cook, my appreciation is through the roof for locally grown produce.)





Basically, the sum to this post is: cute kid, fun day at farm and OHMYWORD, I cannot stop thinking about cooking even when I’m on vacation.

A preview of tomorrow’s post: what I cooked! (Roscoe’s mama is actually wildly pregnant with a brother for the wee one. And so, I’m going to stock the freezer today with homemade dinners so they don’t have to worry about feeding themselves on top of caring for two little ones too.)