I’m hosting a small brunch in a couple weeks to celebrate Easter. These invitations are what spurred the idea.


My take is less colorful, but inspired. I’ve had my eye on the bird stamp for a while. Now, to hunt down some champagne glasses, table cloths and cake stands. Ebay? Borrow? Any great sources or suggestions?

If I’ve learned anything from the community dinners of the last few years, it’s not to be intimidated by hosting small gatherings. As long as there is is food and good music, nearly everyone will be happy. (And those who aren’t? They may not ever be, under any circumstance.) The extra details — like those above — are simply icing on the cake. In truth, most just want to come, relax and not think about whatever chores they have waiting at them home and work.

I’ll be putting together a tutorial for how to host a fun, practical and memorable gathering; apologies to those who find this pretentious, but I’ve had many inquiries in how to throw a party on a budget. Really, having others over doesn’t require a lot of money, but the creativity to buy, borrow and improvise as necessary.

Now, someone talk me out of buying this. And this. And these!

Choking on my own words,