Kelli with Moz kids

Have you heard the new John Mayer song on radio repeat?

me and all my friends
we’re all misunderstood
they say we stand for nothing and
there’s no way we ever could
now we see everything that’s going wrong
with the world and those who lead it
we just feel like we don’t have the means
to rise above and beat it

so we keep waiting
waiting on the world to change
we keep on waiting
waiting on the world to change

Ha! I’m not waiting, and apparently neither are you. Thank you again for your out pouring of support for the Mozambique goody bag project. I have returned nearly 1,000 email during the last three days. If I haven’t gotten back to you, please feel free to email me again. As for now, I think my luggage has been filled and filled again with goody bags promised from all ends of the earth. It is especially touching to hear from mothers who’ve adopted children from orphanages and are working on these as a family — a cycle of goodwill.

A couple additional details:
~ A quart-sized bag is 7 inches by 8 inches
~ I now have a very generous volunteer who will shop and stuff goody bags for those who want to send $10 instead.
~ I am requesting return addresses so I can send you a thank you note. I’ll include a photograph from the distribution so you can see your kindness in action.
~ Have I said thank you? Thinking of these kids going through their goody bags, seeing the photos of faces from far away, smiling with joy at their new, simple possessions — I can’t wait. I didn’t think I could be more excited for my return to Mozambique.


*I’ve never been one to travel with an ounce more of stuff than I need. Imagine my staff’s response when they see me get off the teeny tiny plane with a dozen bags? Like JLo at LAX with trunks of Louis Vuitton, but instead me in Mozambique with overflowing Jansports. Ha!