Malabrigo Scarf for Scott

Are you a Simon and Garfunkel fan? I grew up in a home that worshiped the likes of Prince, George Clinton and some lady named Apollonia. We never, ever listened to hair bands (which is why to this day I don’t understand the Bon Jovi fascination of many of my friends), or folk.  My mother was both the keeper of the family stereo and the car radio. Funny, today when I put together mixed CDs and am rocking out during my commute, I regularly have Prince leading into something folksy. And both make me scream at the top of my lungs.

Malabrigo Scarf for Scott

Cecilia! You are breaking my heart!”

“She wore a raspberry beret! The kind you find at a second-hand store.”

{You’re signing along, aren’t you? You’re welcome.}

Malabrigo Scarf for Scott

Most of my mixes make absolutely no sense; they are simply songs of a dozen genres that I love. Often they include Yo Yo Ma, who I swear is divinely talented, Ani DiFranco — a college favorite, Vampire Weekend, Andrew Bird, Griffin House, GirlTalk (new album out!) and Simon and Garfunkle. I had a friend tease me once that every single CD I ever made had a song from Paul Simon’s Graceland included. Well, of course. I’m pretty sure music doesn’t come in a finer model than Paul Simon signing along about Arizona in Africa, with an African choir. (Not a stretch to see why I love this album, is it?)

Really, I have Mini to thank for opening my eyes in high school to Mr. Simon and Mr. Garfunkel. She choreographed a dance for our church youth group set to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and I thought, “huh. That tune is pretty good. And it doesn’t include a man humping a purple piano, wearing heels. I should give this folk thing a shot.” The song, “The Sound of Silence” is one I’ve spent some time thinking of lately. I was reminded of it when I read this quote by Mother Teresa, “Be still. It is in silence we are able to touch souls.”

Still. I am not still often enough. Nor am I silent. But when I can steal a moment to knit, simply listening to the click of the needles, I can find an internal silence that is my true source for creativity and happiness. It is usually then I turn the radio back on and find my groove.


*Scarf knit for a coworker’s boyfriend, by request. Malabrigo yarn, size 9 needles, 3 stitch rib.