Tall Girl is traveling this week. Some place called “The Bay” that she is “so in love with.” Blah blah blah. How can she be so in love with a place that is so far away? I mean, have you seen me?

I hate that damn luggage. Every time it comes out of the closet, she starts being extra sweet to me. There are no amount of t-bone shaped dog treats that will make me feel better about being abandoned. Again.


I know. I’m a little ridiculous. But have you met Tall Girl? Monkey see, and all.

For example, I growl a tiny bit when she puts these silly doggles on me. But really? They feel awesome when I’m sticking my head out of the car window. No more bugs in my lashes! No more antibiotic drops! No more goop! No more wrestling away from her every single morning when she has to clean my face.


Anyway, while she’s away… I do believe there is some trash for me to explore, a few thousand cars driving by on MY street to which I must announce my presence, and perhaps even a nap or four to take.

Smell you later chickens,