This year, I’m adding the following to our table of friends and family for Thanksgiving day celebrations (friends are bringing the bird, gravy and mashed potatoes):


Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls I like to surprise friends with the delivery first thing Thanksgiving morning. They can be picked at all day, or enjoyed first thing with a big mug of coffee. They are warm and gooey and wonderful and a great kick off to a day of excess.


The feast:

Cheese platter

Parsnip carrot soup — served in tiny glasses, to be sipped before dinner

Brussels sprout hash — because, yes. I just love these and I don’t care if I have to take the remainder of the dish home with me. YUM.

Cranberry and ginger relish from Orangette — I’ve made this in the past and it is making me drooly just thinking about it.

Sweet potato casserole, family recipe

Big, fluffy rolls. I may get adventurous and try this recipe. I may buy them.

{Fluffy roll + turkey + cranberry + sweet potato casserole = heaven. Like, I’m pretty sure that is what is served in heaven any time you want it.}

The recovery:

Ice cream, dark chocolate sampler — pie is for the birds.


This is the first year without my Grandma Max, who loved this holiday. I plan on having a bowl of giant black olives and tiny pickles on the table too, in her honor. (I wish I’d thought to ask for her pilgrim salt and pepper shakers.) Off to make a market list and pulling out dishes.

My favorite large-meal hack: the day before, I line up platters and dishes with post it notes labeling the recipe and the order for cooking, along with non-refrigerated ingredients. It helps me keep everything in order and warm when ready to be served.

What is your Thanksgiving tradition?