Mom's Quilt

Mom's quiltMom's QuiltMom's QuiltMom's QuiltMom's Quilt

You may have already seen photos of this beauty on Facebook or Instagram — but it’s worthy of some blog love too. My mom surprised me with this gorgeous quilt for Valentine’s day. The postwoman came when I had a couple girlfriends over sewing, and I jumped up and down. “IT IS A VALENTINE FROM MY MAMA!”

I ripped open the box and pulled out the quilt on the living room floor. And then I realized it was made with scraps of my sewing projects from 2015, and I had to hold back years. I’d brought my mom a Target bag full of scraps from various projects I’d sewn and she used her magical powers of alchemy to turn them (and a bit more) into this quilt. There is ASU for Jason, and Frida for me. And I simply love it.

There are some pretty cosy perks of being a quilter’s kid.