Why life is really way too good to me:

  • Living close to the Red Rocks, where I can run stairs, hike, chase Nelson and or sit high on a rock ledge and watch the golden leaves fall in the wind.
  • Having a great day-job. I’m on the road this week, and in front of clients I am reminded of how much opportunity I’ve been given in this company to learn. It feels so great to be with colleagues, watching systems succeed. Patients receiving excellent health care. Happy providers. Great staff.
  • My brother and his girlfriend — who give me a sense of home in a town that doesn’t quite fit.
  • Matty, who got married last weekend. We celebrated his ceremony (to one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen outside of a magazine) under a starry, warm Phoenix night, with mariachis and more Africans than I could count. It felt like I’d been given a treat I didn’t deserve: to have all of these people I adore in my home town. I couldn’t hug them enough.
  • Beautiful weddings so full of emotion, they remind everyone of the power of finding the right person.
  • Time with Finny. I can count the number of girlfriends who know me this well on one hand. I can’t cherish those enough. When work drops me within 100 miles of her address, I make the drive and the reservations. We’ve been lucky enough to have several meals together in the last few months. And oh, there isn’t a better ending to a long day of travel than sharing bread with this hilarious woman.
  • Rewrites. Want to drive yourself crazy and show yourself you can do it all at the same time? Get a treadmill and a good pair of running shoes. Or, decide to rewrite a novel one painful chapter at a time, retelling the story from a different set of eyes. Holy. Moly. this exercise is so challenging and fulfilling. Next week it goes before a handful of new editors to see if the changes are working. Let’s hope my hubris hasn’t rendered me blind.
  • Those in Phoenix who always, always let me crash at their homes. Whether I bring my mangy mutt or a date, they are welcoming and lovely.
  • Sushi in California. Because, yes. It makes me feel less guilty to eat fish when I can see the sea.
  • My mother’s patience.

Writing a list of what makes me grateful has always been a useful exercise in lifting my spirits. Anyone else? What are you thankful for?