Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! I am off celebrating with new friends, a ton of food and some great views. Hopefully as you are reading this, I’m photographing some gorgeous landscape. Or putting on a pair of stretchy pants for another run at the buffet.

On to the obligatory Thanksgiving list of gratitude. I am every so thankful for:

1. Family. Friends. Faith.

2. Willie Nelson Mandela, who never lets me go a moment without feeling like I have purpose. Even if that purpose is to throw the ball. Again. Again. Again. AGAIN!

3. Democracy.

4. Clean sheets. Such a great feeling to climb into a bed with crisp sheets.

5. Cardamom. Great in stew. Great in brownies.

6. Snow shoes + podcasts. My favorite way to spend a couple hours in the snow.

7. Lighthouse. One of the best reasons to live in Denver.

8. Mattmas and Drunkmas — two of the best reasons to celebrate Christmas in Phoenix.

9. The post office. Incredible, their ability to take a piece of paper from here to there for a handful of change.

10. Travel. New friends. Old friends. Great traditions.


Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Wishing you and yours a day of rest, relaxation and love.