We are all our own worst critics, right? Because when I see these photos from my recent adventures on the East Coast, all I can see are end-of-the-day sweaty bangs:


Bunny + Kelli

Mama mia, do I need a haircut. Then again, perhaps I should be focused on the lovely friends I had a chance to spend time with instead of my own vanity?

Such luck I have! I emailed my three sets of friends in the DC area with less than 24 hours of notice to say I was coming to town unexpectedly and could they meet for dinner? Thanks to the metro and the ease of getting around a bunch of states near the Capitol, I was able to see all three. I mentioned my lovely time with Emily and John. The next night I was able to meet Mike (without his wife Sam, sadly) for sushi near Fairfax. I adore Mike, who I call Tuck. Tuck and I have been close friends for a decade, after going to church and church camps together for a decade prior and not paying any attention to each other. Once upon a time, we dated best friends and ended up on many double dates. The dates ended. Our friendship continued. I am so thankful he is in my life.

Sunday night I got to see my friend Bunny. Bunny and I worked together years ago in publishing; she just had her first child two months ago. I had a chance to meet Lucia and spend a bit of time with her husband too. Over Vietnamese, we talked fancy handbags, Filipino politics and family. It is funny how each friendship fills such a distinct and different need. When Bun moved from Phoenix 7 years ago, I knew our special friendship would never be replaced.

Again, a sign of true friendship is simply picking up where you left off. No remorse or guilt about missed birthdays or major events. Hugs, laughter, jokes about the past and promises of when you’ll meet again — I am so fortunate to have this with these lovely people. And you know they love me back. Not a single one said, “What’s with the sweaty bangs?”