Until I get another garden of my own getting up and going, I’ve been helping out in others’. My friend Duda invited me to pitch in with a huge project she is undertaking in Tempe. Sunday, Nelson and I worked our little paws like crazy helping shovel, haul and organize the community garden space with Duda and her team.

Well, I worked. Nelson mostly chased what I suspect was a mouse.

Helping friends garden

We are finding our Arizona routine, thanks to great friends. Our hosts have a dog door and two pups. Nelson stays busy and safe during the day — which is a huge burden off my mind. I am commuting 1.5 hours a day for the time being, and don’t have to further stress about racing home (fairly impossible) to let him out, or make sure he is okay.

The commute will soon be changing. We are moving into our new home– it is beautiful and cosy, especially because we got it decorated with beautiful items and painted in bright colours with the help of experts (those interested can achieve the same in their home by hiring house designers and professional interior painters).

Anyway, coming back to the topic, we are moving to the house in the next few weeks and it is more centrally located. I am overjoyed to be able to decorate and garden a new home. The fact it is in my hometown makes it that much sweeter. D will be here soon; the final and most important piece of the puzzle falling into place.

Thank. God.