neck detail

I managed to sit down for a few hours yesterday to complete my April In Stitches assignment: the wide leg lounge pants with an embroidery theme. My inspiration for this month’s theme came directly from Not Quite Vintage’s awesome embroidered tanks. A simple, sweet and affordable way to spice up a $5 Old Navy find? Sign me up!

Small Small Catch Vacation

I have a girlfriend who has been going through a pretty rough patch of life lately. Thankfully, she and her husband are able to get away for a week on a tropical isle to refocus and refresh. Who doesn’t want some fun new jammies to take away on vacation? {I even busted out the lime linen water to iron these babies so they smell sweet and tropical.}

Jammies, complete

So, yes. I did cheat a bit in that my pants are not embroidered. But I did adapt the pattern — I used ribbon instead of the cloth drawstring. And wowza — Finny wasn’t lying — these babies are huge. I could wear the small and last time I checked, no one has ever called me small. Ever.


I’m plotting next month’s assignment — which will be posted May 1. What do you think of the wide leg lounge pants pattern? Your photos are looking mighty awesome.