Sisters in Spirit is a series of blog posts by a group of women who felt that a spiritual perspective was lacking from the steady stream of news and information that flowed through their daily lives.  They each agreed to carve out a space on their blogs on a monthly basis for a spiritual conversation.  The topic this month is: why be thankful? 

Oh, gratitude. I’m sure everyone is so excited to read another laundry list of things I’m thankful for — less so after Thanksgiving. A twist:

To the two bullies in elementary school who are likely now employed at Guantanamo, I say thank you. You gave me fierce determination and the ability to grind my teeth when things get rough. I may still not be able to do an arial, or wear Guess jeans — but life worked out just fine. Thank you for giving me forgiveness.

New Running Shoe Day

To plantar fasciitis, which prevents me from running more than once a week, I say thanks. You make my entire right side wince after a hard outing. You remind me of my age and decreasing abilities. You push me to be creative. Find trails. Pump up the bike tires. Join a yoga studio. Take anti-inflammatories. Thank you for giving me humility.

Hope for the future

To failure, I say thank you. The Peace Corps. The nonprofit I ran into the ground. The novel that could have used a bit more love before hitting the press. The relationships of days past. Oh, how I’ve managed to make a mess of opportunity. Worse, sometimes I’ve had to make the same mistake several times. Thank you for teaching me grace.

Thank God for His patience and sense of humor in creating 7 billion of us — each flawed in our own perfect way.


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Sarah is municipal attorney, mom to a toddler boy, and United Methodist’s pastor’s wife.  (She does not play the organ.)  She is a life-long Missouri girl with a heart for hospitality and social justice.  Sarah enjoys cooking, running, knitting and embroidery, reading, and playing in the sprinkler.  Sarah blogs at 


Bianca is a newlywed Navy wife from the great state of Texas (where she coincidentally currently resides), and she and her husband are expecting their first child in late summer. She has a passion for serving others, asking hard questions and sharing The Gospel with both her words and actions. Bianca loves Jesus, her hubs, authentic friendships, traveling, making lists of all kinds, and trying new recipes which she blogs about on