Sisters in Spirit is a series of essays by a group of women who felt a spiritual perspective lacking from the steady stream of daily news.  They each agreed to carve space monthly on their blogs for a spiritual conversation.  The topic this month is: forgiveness.

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In January I joined a Bible study created to read the entire book in one year. Each day, we read a bit of the Old Testament, New Testament, a proverb and a psalm. The group discusses what we’ve read in an online forum. It has been a great challenge to keep up with the readings, and to be an active participant in the conversation.

We recently read the story of David. You know – the boy who killed the giant Goliath with a sling shot and a few stones? That same David would go on to become a great King of Israel, and the bloodline of Jesus.

But he was also deeply flawed. He slept with his friend’s wife, and then sent his friend into the front lines of battle to be killed. Then, of course, he married the grieving widow.

Each time I read David’s story, I am surprised by God’s ability to forgive. Here was a man who had everything, including conversations and guidance from God. And he somehow thought he could get away with being an adulterer and murderer. That God wouldn’t notice. Of course, God knew. And thankfully, God was willing to forgive when David recognized the great sin in his behavior. He pled for forgiveness and God granted it, allowing David to go on to be one of the land’s best leaders.

New Jersey Living

Last year, a close friend of mine dropped our friendship unexpectedly. I had supported her through several great losses in life, and nurtured her when it seemed no one else was. It was very hurtful when in the rare moment I needed her shoulder, she walked away.

I’m certain she would tell the story otherwise, with the truth falling somewhere in between. I think of her often. Thankfully, with space and time – I’m working through the anger. I’ve forgiven her and myself. Friendships have seasons, and ours was not of the forever variety.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It unburdens you from the weight of wrong doings – whether they were your own, or someone else’s. Daily, I ask for forgiveness in my prayers. To be a better version of me. I am so thankful God is an all powerful, forgiving and loving Lord, one who appreciates when His children — whether a King of Israel, or a simple girl from Arizona — repent.
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Sarah is municipal attorney, mom to a toddler boy, and United Methodist’s pastor’s wife.  (She does not play the organ.)  She is a life-long Missouri girl with a heart for hospitality and social justice.  Sarah enjoys cooking, running, knitting and embroidery, reading, and playing in the sprinkler.  Sarah blogs at 

Bianca is a Navy wife from the great state of Texas (where she coincidentally currently resides), and she and her husband welcomed their first child in the fall of 2012. She has a passion for serving others, asking hard questions and sharing The Gospel with both her words and actions. Bianca loves Jesus, her hubs & her son, authentic friendships, traveling, making lists of all kinds, and trying new recipes which she blogs about on

Rhonda is an attorney and native of Missouri.  She is known for being overly-emotionally invested in her three, elderly dogs and dabbling in a ridiculous amount of hobbies, including sewing, music, and writing, while mastering none.  She was baptized in her late twenties and is amazed and grateful that Jesus continues to put up with her.  She blogs at