Morning in the garden

Lately my morning routine starts by going to the gym, coming home and putting steel cut oats on to cook for breakfast, and then stepping outside to water the garden. I cool off from my workout while watering and talking to the the plants.  By the time they are quenched, I’m ready for a shower and my breakfast is steamy.

The first tomato!

I am trying to be more dedicated about reading the Bible. I sit down with my oats and a copy of  “One Year Bible” and enjoy 15 minutes of meditation before leaving for work. I’d like to think this is making me a more focused and kinder person. If nothing else, it is giving me a peaceful start to the day and a better understanding of my faith.  Undoubtedly, the silence alone is making me more aware of the simple joys in life I may have otherwise overlooked. I skipped this morning when I saw the first tomato growing away on its green vine.

Beautiful organic eggs

The oatmeal today had a colorful companion. Greg gave me a dozen organic eggs from the Urban Farm yesterday. I can’t wait to have chickens at the community garden. The flavor of these eggs  is unlike anything else I’ve tasted; the yolks are luxuriously creamy and thick. The perch like little golden suns.

Organic eggs

I realized this morning when taking the egg shells to the composter what an unexpected life this is. I never imagined I’d find so much happiness in baking bread, knitting gifts, gardening and or spending time with God. For those most part, these elements were in my childhood here and there, but they weren’t ever what I thought would one day would be how I define who I am.

Waiting to rise

Portuguese sweet bread

Teaching my roommate how to bake bread? Such fun. Taking two loaves, warm from the oven, to friends as gifts? Wonderful.

Before roasting

Onions out of the garden

Roasted peppers, cilantro

Salsa for friends

Homemade spicy salsa

Making homemade salsa with ingredients from my garden? Fundamentally satisfying.

Time with friends, good music, great wine, healthy, fresh food, time to be creative and time to reconnect in prayer — these are my joys. I’m happy to be finding happiness in living with less and loving what I have.