In Stitches Sew Along

Dear Finny,
I was thinking of you the other day when I saw that Amy Butler In Stitches book on my sewing table. Why? Well, you know, it is all your fault I love to sew. My mother still scratches her head over your influence; I grew up in a home where she sewed, knit, canned and jarred, gardened and budgeted like a suburban queen. Yet, it wasn’t until my college buddy Finny started sewing that I discovered my own love for all things domestic.

I wish you could come over and play this weekend. We could cruise the fabric store, hit up the knitting shop and drink margaritas poolside like the proud little Lumberjills we are. But, since you live in Cali and I’m happily planted in the land of saguaros, I was thinking maybe we’d just work on the same project and share thoughts along the way. What do you say? And if we happened to invite the crafty community to come along on this drunken sewing party? Well then, we’ve just sewn up a little sew along. Fancy!

Let me know what project you want to start with. I’ve got an idea or two and I’m guessing you do to.

{Are you interested in joining us in the In Stitches Sew-Along? Leave a comment and let us know! You won’t regret buying this book, even if you’ve never sewn. The projects are signature Butler — creative, simple, pretty and fun. We’ll soon post project #1, along with January’s theme. Photos of the completed projects are due to finnydonksewalong at gmail dot com by the end of the month and we’ll throw them into a Flickr gallery for all the world to see. Of course there will be a sew-along button, and I’m thinking prizes too!}

Kelli (aka Donk)