Backtack Bunny Bottom, africankelli

Here’s a sneak peek at my BackTack III softie. She’ll be dropped in the mail Monday, along with a few other goodies. Once received by Kerry, I’ll post more details!
As always, these sewing challenges are such fun. They stretch my creativity and push me to learn new techniques. I look at domestic art a good bit differently since last year when I entered the first Backtack project. The once unconquerable (double pointed needles, sewing zippers, embroidery) are now small hurdles I can get over with enough patience. I realized how crafty/nerdy I’m becoming when recently shopping for a basic protective cover for my digital camera. After going from one specialty shop, to eBay, to catalogs, I finally decided this week, “Hell! I can make that!” So, camera bag has been included to the craft queue.

Speaking of domestic nerdiness, did anyone else hear the special Thursday morning on NPR about American sewing machine sales? The reporter spoke about how sewing machines used to be standard in each American home, but now manufacturers are making “super” machines that embroider and thread your needle automatically and cost $5,000. Oy. While my $100 Singer works just fine for the time being, I’ve seen what the gamut of machines can do. My mother owns several — one of which she’s never used. (Hello, Mom. Hint Hintaroo. Send your serger to me! I promise to use it! Love you.) The report was enjoyable to listen to, although I’m happy to still be my own embroidery machine and do my embroidery by hand for the time being.

In other sewing news, remember when I found Nappy bags to be a complete and total pain? Well, I’ve gotten to the point to where I can build these babies without looking at the instructions, modifying in my own strange ways here and there. I’ve finally gotten the hang of this thing.
The latest nappy:

Tiffany Nappy

The happy recipient. She’s due with her first baby mid-July.

Tiffany, with 8 weeks to go

Happy weekend y’all,