Seasonal eating is tricky; it’s hard to walk away from bananas, kiwi and avocados —  knowing full-well these gems have traveled legions to reach my plate. I’ve become accustomed to sushi, ceviche, pineapple and maple syrup whenever and wherever I want them. This is the American life. And this is what is so very wrong with the marketplace.

But I’m trying. Little by little, I’m transforming my suburban American consume-first-think-second ways.

Fig salad

Like making salad with as many locally grown seasonal items as possible. It isn’t a perfect science, but it’s getting better.

kale for the lasagna

Kale from the farmers market turned into veggie lasagna.


End-of-summer market fruit turned into a tasty appetizer with locally made goat cheese.


I’m not sure these figs are in season. Or were grown in Phoenix. I’d guess neither are true. But I do know for certain that I’m contemplating my next garden and ready to dive into a more sustainable living.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest.

This weekend’s Phoenix Permaculture pancake breakfast was a huge hit. We had more than 100 people attend, learn about harvesting desert plants for food and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Thank you to everyone who attended. I am so very pleased by the support we received!