Ryan’s birthday is this week and it presented me with the perfect opportunity to be creative and dig through the scrap bag. His nickname is Rhino and the boy loves to BBQ.

my rhino template

I printed a rhino out of clipart and used it as a stencil.

Rhino bbq mit

I created a large hand out of cardstock and used that for the mit pattern. With a bit of thermal lining and some heavy black trim, voila — a bbq mit.

CU of Rhino

Cute little rhino.

Also, I sewed up some scrappy aprons this weekend for a cooking group I participate in. These help explain why I regularly use my JoAnn’s coupons for 5 yards of canvas.

Thankful aprons

Do you get the same sheer joy I do from creating something from scratch with the supplies you have on hand? Whether it is a new outfit, a sewing project or a meal — I love going through what I already own and making it work.