Flowers in NOLA

I have a new love of two things: scarves and champagne. Yep, call me Buffy. Give me a copy of the Preppy Handbook. Collars up!


Both are a bit pretentious, and yet? Fun. Scarves are worn, so it seems, year round in Denver. Having moved from the clothing land of “less is more,” where winter wear included wider flip flops, my scarf wardrobe is lacking. I’m on the hunt for the soft, gauzy scarves I see so many beautiful women here draping around their necks, over their bare shoulders, even around their waists.

And champagne. Well. Have you had bubbly lately? It’s fun and summery and delightful. (I suppose this isn’t really a new love, so much as a seasonal one.)

Other loves that won’t come as a surprise:

Bench, before

Taking a cheap Costco bench and making it my own with a bit of paint and love — the perfect addition to the homestead porch:

Bench, after

And correspondence. I had much fun putting together change of address cards, including an HH seal:

Change of address cards


HH seal

I have a new sign hanging in my kitchen that reads, “Do what you can with what you have.” These words keep ringing in my ears as I try to create a thoughtful, creative, artsy and warm home with as little new as possible. I remember watching Julia Roberts once on Oprah describe how she loved to sweep. She said she only had this tiny broom, but she made it work. Oprah finally asked her, “Why don’t you buy a bigger broom?” She just laughed, with that gorgeous smile, and said something to the effect that the little broom still worked, so why not use it?

Indeed. Plus, who wants to spend their budget on brooms when there are scarves and champagne to be had?