I like making things for the second time much more than the first. And the third more than the second. There is such a learning curve with most creative projects.

Also, I get a little obsessed. Once I want to do scrappy quilting, or bake the world’s best gingersnaps, that’s pretty much all I want to do.

Round 2:

Round Two

I’ve eaten so many of these, I very well may have pre-diabetes this week. But hey! The sugar highs fueled another table runner. Similar fabric choices:

Round Two

Round Two

Loving the new quilting foot I received for my machine. It makes such a difference with the consistency of stitches and flattening all the layers during quilting. Of course, now I have three quilting books on my desk and I’m eyeing table runners that might as well involve climbing Everest. A logical leap in skill and ability, there, Donley.

Next up: two beard hats. I’m starting over because the original pattern I used created hats and beards for a man the size of Paul Bunyan. And the men I’m knitting these babies for? Well, I wouldn’t call them delicate, but I’m pretty sure I could piggy back them up a mountain. Like, say, Everest.

Carry on!