Road trip!

Yesterday I was on the road again (sung to the key of Willie Nelson) for work. I headed north to Flagstaff and then took the scenic route back to Phoenix, winding my way through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.
It was a beautiful day.

San Francisco peaks from the road


Typical Flagstaff

Ah yes, Flagstaff. Poverty with a view, as Rolling Stone once described it. I love this little hippie town.

Road, red rocks

The red rocks of Sedona never seem to bore me. I know, I know. I keep going on about the beauty of Arizona. I’ll stop at some point. Promise.

sedona red rocks

Just not today.

Sedona red rocks2

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of an old Western? John Wayne should be galloping by at any moment.

This post brought to you by the AfricanKelli Arizona Tourism Board. “Arizona, where the natives are crazy, but love that dry heat.”