Recycling curtains

Recycling curtains

Dear Fin,

Remember when I sewed new curtains for my craft studio before it became my guest room before it became Matt’s room? And then those curtains were changed out again because really? The green didn’t work for me. There was too much other stuff going on color-wise and African/Aussie is a very simple man.  Well, I still had those curtains tucked in my scrap box and in preparing for this month’s CRAFT challenge, I wondered if I could put this fabric to use?

Indeed. I now have 8 placemat backings.

Scrappy fabrics


As for the scrappy tops? They are in process. Have you ever noticed how this sort of project takes considerable time to simply prep? I’ve got at least four hours into washing, pressing and cutting the pieces for these, although I am loving the repurposing angle. Also, it is incredibly satisfying to use what I have and to be cleaning up the scrap box too.

How is your project going?