Can we interrupt the “Kelli has lost her marbles and is trying to distract us with adorable Texan parade photos” train for a moment?


I’ve read some great books lately. Books you really should consider reading. Let’s start with Shantaram. This is loosely based on the life of the author, who skips out on prison on Australia only to find himself living in the lowest slum in Bombay. (You get that on the back of the book. I’m not ruining anything.) This tome (1000 pages) is just so entertaining. It is a crazy story full of memorable characters, intrigue, and fun. It makes me want to see India even more. Four out of five bananas.


The Paris Wife was entertaining too. Not great, not horrible — but worth the read if you want to know more about Ernest Hemingway’s life, in theory. I liked the small peek into Hem’s life, even if it was fictionalized. And I loved reading the scenes about Paris. Two out of five bananas.

Peace Like a River, however, is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. A first novel, this story made me shake my head with the craft the author displays. How did he do this? The story is woven beautifully, with simple detail that gives the reader just enough to interest and let your imagination wander to fulfill the rest. I am buying this book for my dad and brother this week — I loved it so. Five of five bananas.


And now — I am reading NOTHING. Because all 600,000 pounds of my books are on a truck on their way to New Jersey. Oh, how I want an iPad. But I must read the books I own first. And within a few days, I’ll be setting up a new library. So, I will drive and listen to podcasts and look out the window, writing the next chapter of my next novel in my head.

Happy reading and adventuring to you, friends!