The first orange

This is the very first orange produced at the Asbury Community Garden. I hope it is the first of thousands that will grow to feed hungry folk in central Phoenix and elsewhere. I am so very, very pleased this tiny community project now has 75 trees, with 9 more on their way in January. Just think — with 80 or so trees surviving, producing 1,000 pounds of fruit a piece each year on irrigation — we will be swimming in citrus in a few years.

This project speaks to my senses; we are using our resources smarter by feeding trees instead of grass. In turn, we’ll use land otherwise empty to grow crops for the hungry.

Speaking of great projects, Jessica’s work with the poor in Brazil continues to flourish. The Brazilian Babies project is posted. Thank you so very much to those who participated! The photos of those sweet girls with their new dolls — signs they are loved from afar. Ack! Sometimes I get a bit teary with the great things happening in the world.

If you don’t let the nuclear/sudan/northkorea/teabag craziness consume you? There are community gardens and Brazilian babies to celebrate. I vote we focus on this instead.