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62 Degree Egg

I would have licked the bowl at home

Mustard ice cream, filet

My friend Dan, the Relation Chef, was in town last night to whip up a special menu at Scottsdale’s Posh. I don’t typically eat such fancy meals on a Monday — or ever. For that matter, 90% of the time I stay home in my jammies comfortably curled up with my excuses, and don’t go to such dinners.

But I wanted to support Dan and I love Posh. I figured it would be a wonderful meal.

In fact, it was the best meal I’ve ever eat in a restaurant. Huge statement, right? Best. Hands down, best. That egg dish? It was called the 62 degree egg. It had these mushrooms and crispy spinach and some sort of potato layer at the bottom. It was rich, savory, salty and simply delicious. For my main dish, I had the beef wellington — which included that gorgeous tiny scoop of mustard ice cream. Mustard ice cream! Sounds ludicrous, but melting on top of hot, perfectly cooked steak? Holy heaven. A+.

Additional perk: everything was just pricey enough and just tiny enough I felt French. Sitting there sipping my giant glass barely full of chardonnay, I savored every drop and bite. It was a good reminder to eat this way more often — enjoying every sensation and not eating quickly and too much just because you can.

I am so proud of Dan and so glad I went. It is such a delight to see friends finding success with their passion. Watching him work in the kitchen last night was impressive. I hope this is the first of many “best” meals I enjoy at one of his restaurants.