The garden continues to thrive thanks to a couple of weeks of cooler weather and a bit of rain. The tomatoes are going bonkers. The beets have been roasted and pickled:

Beets, carrots and cukes

The carrots are still delightfully tiny and perfect for the rabbit. (Nutmeg is becoming quite the spoiled bunny. Organic greens only, please.)

Beets, carrots and cukes

We’ve got zucchini for days. The kale, basil and rosemary are still going strong. And the spring onions and garlic are ready too. These cukes are going to become pickles later this week:

Beets, carrots and cukes


Hi Fozzie!

Next up: I’m planting pumpkins with my 5-year-old neighbor Jeremiah. And we’ve got heirloom watermelon, pickling cucumbers and squash headed our way for the hot summer months.

What are you growing?