In lieu of visiting Oregano’s this week for one of my very favorite thin crust pizzas and a glass of chianti, I played around with that pizza dough recipe one more time and came up with something worthy of repeating:

I finally get this crust

Pizza for dinner

I figure I saved at least $40 by searching the pantry for ingredients instead of grabbing my car keys and the roommate for dinner. Plus, this is far from thin crust and therefore made dinner and lunch for two. It was considerably better than the crust I made Saturday. The only difference was the temperature of water I added to the dough. It calls for warm; the first batch’s water was too hot I’d guess. It was much harder to roll out and didn’t rise. This batch, on the other hand, was Goldilocks right. Then again, the roommate isn’t much of a food critic. He likes just about everything.

Sweet heavens, I never thought I’d be able to whip up a yummy pizza crust after work in time for dinner and make it something people would actually want to eat. Thank you again, Finny and my mama, for once upon a time being my domestic inspirations. Plus, there was that completely fulfilling feeling of using tomatoes, basil and rosemary we grew for our own dinner.

Garlic Hummus

Black bean cilantro hummus


Earlier in the week, I made hummus that received a “This is better than that Pita Palace place!” review. It’s Pita Jungle, but who am I to correct with that kind of praise? Thank you kindly. I made my standard garlic hummus and then went a little sassy with black beans and a handful of cilantro for the other. This was like hummus salsa and was so, so good. With a bit of grilled chicken, whole wheat pita, spinach and a splash of Sriracha — dinner is served.

{Btw — Mark Bittman says Sriracha is one of his kitchen staples and I couldn’t agree more. If you like spicy, pick up a bottle. They carry it in the normal, generic grocery stores in Phoenix. Plus, it is so hot all you need is a drop or two.}

This was a good week to stay in and cook from what we had in the pantry. Why? Because I’d much rather spend the dough (dough! ha!) at the beach, where I am escaping this weekend to visit some of my most favorite friends in the world. And now, thanks to a bit of frugal domesticity, I’ve got the cash for wineries in Ojai, pedicures in LA and lots of fun spoiling sweet Roscoe in between.

Happy weekend, friends!