Dear Finny,

One Yard Wonders has proven a challenging sew along. Not that the book isn’t chalked full of great ideas, but that it seems our loyal readers and joiners from the previous sew alongs haven’t been as inspired. And to be honest, with the craziness that has been my 2010 — I simply haven’t been sewing as much.

That said, my fine friend, you are the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Because, alas, you were the only entry in the September/October sew along. But never fear, you did make yourself a sweet little hipster bag. So it wasn’t all for nothing, right?

Dorks, hiking

Fancy bubbly

The Finny

(Yep, these are just gratuitous shots of the Finnberg. Because I love her.)

That said, Fin — we have to spice things up pronto. Crafters unite! For the November/December Fin + Donk OYW sew along, the project is: ANY PROJECT IN THE BOOK. That’s right. We are taking off the parameters, asking you to pick a project at will, and get to sewing. Show us what you are making, explain why you are making it and throw that photo into the craft pool.

And when you work up a hunger? Here is the fabulous recipe for the month too. Nothing like a great bowl of soup when it cools down. (Never mind in Phoenix that means it is still 90 today.)

Fire up those Singers, ladies. It’s time to get to business.