By the hair on my chinny chin chin, I got both of these projects completed this weekend. To be honest, I loved the cauliflower recipe. I love veggies just about anyway you give them to me. I went to an international dinner party of sorts last night, hosted by a Sri Lankan friend, and ended up bringing the cauli as an appetizer. I followed your recipe and then threw in all in the blender with a bit of chicken stock (minus the capers) and brought crackers. It was adored! Bravo!

OYW Cooking Challenge -- Feb

As for that folklore bag, I don’t know if I am just out of practice or grouchy from TOO MUCH YOGA. Phew. Needed to scream that. (Ask me how I feel about “namaste” sometime and I’m likely to bite your head off. I am loving this challenge and yet there are days when I cannot for the life of me catch my breath.)

One Yard Wonder Challenge

Anyway – the folklore bag was a chore to make. Not just the tissue paper patterns, which wisely I will now store in Ziplock bags, but also because I found the directions a bit tedious. I am hesitant to criticize, but I will just say it is not my favorite pattern.

It is, however, going to one of my favorite people. The end result is cute enough and on its way to Aimee, who may just be the world’s best advocate for animals. She is beyond sweet and I’ve wanted to return a touch of the kindness she’s sent my way over the years. An elephant bag with bee-print lining is just the ticket.

One Yard Wonder Challenge

Now, what’s up for March? I’ve got a recipe or two in mind. (Think Irish and bread.) And did you pick a winner? I’ve got an idea for that too…



P.S. More than a little excited I get to see you and the Bubba in a couple weeks!