August Crafting

A coworker of mine is Hello Kitty crazy. I’m sure every office place has this person: the one whose office/cubicle is decorated to the nines in whatever their spouse has repeatedly put out at the curb for donation pick-up. You know him — he’s the Star Wars dude. The guy with the posters and the Lego creations and the figurines. Or the Trekie who has the life size cardboard cutout of Spock.*

Well, Danelle loves Hello Kitty — as does one of her daughters. When I saw this fabric the other day, and knew her birthday was coming up, I thought a pillow case would be a fun addition to her home collection. She loved it … and so did her daughter. And also, could she have one more for her neck pillow?

I stretched that fat quarter and dug to the bottom of my ribbon bin to find enough pink pom poms. Meow!


*For transparency, I have a lot of chickens in my office. And they are adorable.