I will not make this blog for the next year: WHY COLORADO IS BETTER THAN ARIZONA. Or, sadly, WHY ARIZONA IS BETTER THAN COLORADO.

With a few small exceptions.


Mexican Food — Colorado vs: Arizona

Christo, almighty. Mexicans! Where are you? I miss my bretheren, especially those who know how to run an amazing restaurant with a healthy, fresh and tasty menu. The lack of quality Mexican food in these parts is dumbfounding. I need my fix of tacos al carbon, I dont know about anyone else. For my Arizona friends, get on your knees today and thank the heavens for Gallo Blanco. Or Barrio Cafe. Or Ajo Al’s. Or even my former employer Rosita’s. Because everything in Denver so far has been a fancy version of Macayo’s. Yellow cheese. Runny refried beans. Green chile that is called “Bronco sauce” because somehow, it comes out orange. ORANGE.

Mmm... guac


Score one for Arizona.

(Unintended benefit: I’m eating a lot less Mexican food. Hola, pants that fit.)

On the other hand, my new homestead has no rumors of a certain former Alaskan resident buying a ginormous McMansion in the dusty hinterlands of north Scottsdale. Perhaps the only way Arizona politics could get worse, on a day when the news included sheriffs in the county jails being arrested not only for running drugs for prisoners but also being impregnated by drug king pins (you cannot make this nonsense up), is the addition of the Palin family to the foray. Apparently she wants to take Kyl’s senate seat. Palin and McCain both representing my home state?

Score one for Colorado.