Spring has sprung and the babies are arriving in droves. Last week two girlfriends had babies — one after 42 hours of labor (!) and one after 5.5. Ms. Eloise has graced us with her presence and I can say the kid is as gorgeous as children come. She’ll join her cousin Roscoe in the league of adorable Brennan babies.

My attempt at embroidery

And so, the opportunities to create sweet gifts for the mamas and wee ones have sprouted in turn. I adapted the bunny pattern in”Last Minute Knitted Gifts” (what a misnomer!) to use dishcloth cotton. I thought the end result would be more baby-friendly, although I’m not opposed to every child having a bit of baby alpaca. Or cashmere. I am opposed to spending $30 on a skein of yarn for one baby project that more than likely would be put on a shelf and not played with if made from something so luxurious.

Butter Bunny

Back of Butter Bunny

In turn, I introduce Ms. Butter Bunny. Thanks to help from Finny, I was able to get through this pattern this first time. I know the next one will be remarkably better. And would you believe there was another knit bunny at the baby shower yesterday? Grrr…. At least the future mama seemed to love both. I also made her some burp cloths (from leftovers of the Christmas pants project) and a couple embellished onesies. It was a beautiful party and day!

Sweet little onesies