I’m packed and leaving for a long weekend in NYC. Theater, long meals, dancing until the wee hours of the morning, walking, walking and more walking.

You know.

(Do you know? Because I don’t. I’m trying to play it cool, while my suitcase with approximately 35 different outfit options screams otherwise. Be cool, Donley. Be cool.)

I’ve had one previous trip to NYC which was really only 8 hours wandering in the city by myself. The rest of my Big Apple knowledge comes from television and film. As such, I anticipate finding my soulmate at Serendipity. Getting mugged for my Louboutins. And seeing a giant marshmallow man near the Empire State, which may or may not also have a huge gorilla hanging off the top.

All bound to happen. Right?


The good news: my good camera is packed. My shenanigans will be recorded. It will be a weekend to remember.