Heather, the happy helper

My friend Heather mentioned she had some prickly pear tuna in her yard. Would I want to come over to prevent “borrowing” from neighbors?

Heather's yard before...

Indeed. The prickly pear are nearly over-ripe by now. These ruby red gems were easy to pluck. I used my trusty tools and followed the guidelines I learned in class.


Bucket, gloves, tongs, brush to get rid of the glochids (tiny spines). Heather and I went to town.

Heather's yard after

10 minutes later and I had a bucket full of fruit.

Prickly Pear Tunas
bucket o' prickly pear

Tonight I am taking a giant leap into the domestic foray of canning. Oh, the exciting life I lead. I’m going to get the resident Africans to pitch in too. It should be fun! I’m using a trusty prickly pear Martha Stewart jam recipe. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully post the sticky sweet results!


P.S. Hoping there is some leftover to boil down for a margarita syrup. My Mexican beach vacation is just 4 weeks away and I’m already dreaming of the frozen drinks…

P.P.S. In a true Martha move, I’m planning on putting a couple loaves of No Knead bread out to rise tonight so I can bake them tomorrow to deliver with the jam to friends. I always come up with these crazy plans. I’ll be amused to see if it actually comes together!