I’ve kicked up my triathalon training a bit in the last two weeks and guess what? Today I cannot walk without limping. Yesterday I biked 25 miles and then went for a swim. When I got back on my bike after the swim I had shooting pains in that little muscle on the inside of your knee. You know, the one you’ve never noticed until it felt like a hot poker on your skin? Yeah, that one.
Like the true genius that I am, how did I treat such a woe? I rode home, had some breakfast, took a shower and sewed for about 6 hours. Once my leg was swollen and really pissed off, I decided to take an Aleve. And then some ice. This morning I seemed fine and even managed to get in a cool 4 mile run before my leg started threatening to detach itself from my body and hit me over the head.
Something (namely that stupid muscle) is telling me to take a break. Guess what? I am! I’m off to Mexico for vacation later this week and am going to aleve these woes with my friend Jose and the magical world of quesadillas and sopapillas. I even found me some darn cute new jeans this weekend (before said injury) at the Gap of all places.

wide leg happiness

Gap, I officially apologize. You do, in fact, have some cute, non-skinny leg choices. And you let me use a $10 coupon. So these wide-leg babies cost just $25. Love that. And I love that they are wider-legged than I’ve ever worn. I couldn’t be fighting these 80 trends with any more force if I were trying.

What else did I do this weekend? Why bake, dahling. Of course. It is my new past time. Any correlation to the bigger sized jeans purchased this weekend? Of course not. It must be from all that training and the muscle I’m gaining. Right?

Pumpkin loaves

More pumpkin polenta loaves. These are just so good. I’ve got everyone (grandparents, coworkers, guys at the gym, guys at the bagel shop) hooked. One catch — if you add extra pumpkin, the edges will burn and the centers will be a bit mushy. Just stick to the normal recipe.

woops with the burnt

Good news — there is a solution for burned edges and mushy centers. Leave the cupcakes in the pan until they are totally cool to the touch. This lets them cook a bit longer while in the heat of the pan without burning any more. Then, pull out your magic grater and get rid of that black.


Scratch, scratch scratch and voila — less burnt cupcakes. These were inhaled at my staff meeting today.

Pumpkin muffins, burned edges

Off to ice my leg,