Do you have little ones in your life? Perhaps you are a mama, or an auntie or just a girlfriend with lots of friends who have children. While I don’t have any wee ones of my own, I’m “Auntie Kelli” to a couple of adorable boys and a friend to a gaggle of other little ones.
One gift I’m crafting this holiday season are embroidered T-shirts. I combine plain cotton T-shirts with a bit of underwonder, fabric and embroidery thread. Viola — a unique and sweet garment.

embroidered boy's outfit
embroidered fishy
embroidered girl's outfit
pointsetta close up

This gift is economical, practical and easy — my favorite kind! In fact, I’m hoping to craft up a few of these for a couple of the larger wee ones in my life too. I’d like one with stars dancing across the bottom. Or saguaro cacti waving their prickly arms at me from the pocket…