I don’t have any new photos or creations to post. I’ve been hiking my butt a ton, so I’ve got a tan, but otherwise I haven’t been doing anything domestic. When not on the trails, I’ve been interviewing and hopefully soon will have some idea of where my career is headed. Yay!

Otherwise, I’ve been completely lax in celebrating national public health week. So, here is my official note: hug your local public health worker today! I donated blood yesterday, World Health Day, to celebrate. The phlebotomist laughed at me when I told him why I was there. (Don’t hug him. He’s grouchy.) Instead, hug your medical professional, the lady who rings up your sunscreen at Target, the mechanic who makes sure there is enough air in your tires and that your seat belts are working, the produce person who makes sure your five servings are ready when you go to the market, the restaurant owner who offers locally grown and healthier alternatives to the cheaper fast food nightmare next door, and any other public health celebrant who deserves a nod. My PH heroes include Alice Waters, Paul Farmer and Jamie Oliver.