Juliann talked Adam, Matty and I into running a 6 mile mud run with her this weekend; it was one of the silliest things I’ve done, and so worth it. Not only did it provide an opportunity to swim, crawl and jump in mud pits, but I got to do so with some of my closest friends and a gazillion strangers too. The shrieks from a bunch of adults jumping in mud — our collective inner child returned happily and had such a great time.



Matt and Adam, logically, pre-gamed with some breakfast beer. (And gravel guards.)

Mud Run

Next year I am going to wear a two-piece Speedo, old running shoes and a bandana. Wardrobe malfunctions were plentiful at this race. If you can imagine, I was left to run more than 5 miles with yoga pants full of mud in the mid-section — if you get my drift.   It wasn’t pleasant. It was actually a bit rashy and abrasive. I had also foolishly worn hiking shoes. My legs and shoes were weighed down with so much mud, it was like running with kettle bells attached to my ankles. But we sucked it up and made the most of it, mainly by walking most of the race and thoroughly having fun when mud obstacles came into play. (It was also very helpful to have Juliann at my side. She is remarkably encouraging. Adam just made me giggle. Matty met us at the finish line, clean and dry — long having finished. Whatev.)

Thankfully, it did remind me of my love of running and my inherent competitive spirit. It has been far too long since I’ve run regularly or raced for anything. Time to get back into the routine and pick out a new goal.

Just an average Saturday morning!