A friend at the bagel shop, who is sporting an impressive beard himself, would like to have one of these Billy Gibbons hats. I did a bit of research, and strangely enough this ZZ Top dude retired his Texas cowboy hat for an African Nudu cap. The African Nudu? They are Bamilike from Bamenda — just a 45 minute drive from my Peace Corps post in western Cameroon.
Bamenda is one of the most charming African cities I’ve ever visited. It was a special get away. When I got sick of French and needed the company and comforts of a larger city, I would hike out of my village, take a couple of buses and meet up with the other volunteers in Bamenda. Granted, I was only there for a few months, but in that time I grew rather fond of this city and its amenities.
Bamenda is the the western English (pidgin) speaking region of Cameroon, not terribly far from the Nigerian border. The city sits in a large tropical valley, and the people are kind and welcoming. This is one of Cameroon’s larger cities. In the outlying mountains, which are thick with fog most mornings, there is an excellent restaurant and shop called “Handicraft” just off of the ring road. They cook a mean chicken dish and sell amazing handmade items.
{Although one time I ventured off to the bathroom (latrine) behind the restaurant and found a baboon chained to a tree. That makes you think twice about ordering the chicken.}

Back to the hat — the only way I can think to create something like this is to knit a beanie and then add a bunch of icords off the top. Any ideas? I don’t know how to crochet, but I’m guessing that would be considerably easier to create these little Bamendian dreads.

I feel like I am supposed to make this hat. After all, how bizarre is it a man I know wants a hat worn by one of his favorite singers, a hat that comes from one of the few areas of the world I happen to know? Odd, don’t you think?

Knitters put on your thinking caps (ha!) and please let me know your ideas.