School of Mines

Sleepy Golden is home to the School of Mines — a university in the center of town. One of the foothills in town has a large white M painted on it for the school. Last night, the M was actually a 4. There are 4 days left in the school year. Those mining engineers are crafty with their celebrations.


I knew Golden was hilly before I got on my bike yesterday, but cheese and rice. I had to walk my bike at certain points, I was so out of breath.


But oh, how nice it is to have this baby waiting for my morning commute.

School of Mines

And how fun it is to have these class projects waiting along my path to the coffee shop.

I'd hang baskets of flowers from the porch

And while I’m out today renting a home, I will be dreaming of this one. It sits in historic Golden, just a few hundred yards from both downtown and the university. It was built in the 1840s and is 3 bedroom and 2 bath. The fence has fallen over, so I got to see the tiny greenhouse in the backyard — a yard perfect for a few renegade chickens and a big goofy dog.

Can’t you just see this space with some giant herb and veggie boxes? This yard is begging for permaculture. The patio with baskets of flowers hanging from the eves? A beautiful bench sitting by the door? I’d line the walkway with small trees to create an arch. And I’d paint the trim a fabulous soft gray purple. I’d also be more than $450,000 in mortgage debt.

Pipe dreams.

So, instead I’ll make this little home in a much more affordable sleepy neighborhood to the north.

Oh, Golden. You are so easy to love. Your community center with art classes and giant indoor swimming pool.* Your library stocked with the latest best sellers. Your breweries. Your parks. I’m in love.


*Because I’m a complete goof ball, I went to the community center yesterday, walked up to the info desk and said, “Hello! My name is Kelli. I just moved here. I love community!” I’m pretty sure the lady thought I was slow. Little did she know I am simply over-enthusiastic. Then I volunteered to coach a new masters program and she knew without a doubt I was over-enthusiastic.