I’ve got two girls sound asleep in my guest room at the moment — women I’ve been friends with since elementary school. They left their young families and possibly-overwhelmed-but-definitely-awesome husbands behind for a girls’ weekend. There is no doubt these few days will be some of my happiest this year.

We have a way of finding fun, no matter what we are doing:

Great Harvest Bread Company Baking Class


Matt and Bec

matt & bec

bec and carson

Bec cheers for ASU

Bec and Min

Ya Yas at the table

Feeling the babe kick

make a wish

Mini and the mimosa

Mini, booboo

Group photo, Mini prom

Mini + AB

One of these days I’ll get around to scanning the boxes of elementary, junior high and high school photos; just imagine — permed hair, stacked bangs that kept Aqua Net in business, neon jams, grunge plaid with Doc Martens and oh, the dance photos.